We are located 4 miles north of Cirencester, between the villages of North Cerney, and Woodmancote. From A435 you take the turning towards Bagendon, go up past the Church to the T junction. Turn right towards Woodmancote and Scrubditch Farm is approximately 100 yards on the right. The Care Farm is situated down the drive, up the track on the left.
From A417, turn off at Perrotts Brook/Daglingworth, and proceed towards Perrotts Brook. Just before the A435, turn left towards Woodmancote. Go for approximately 1 1/2 miles and Scrubditch Farm is on the right, just past the Bagendon/North Cerney Cross Roads.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

first week back!

We have all had a great first week back - it's been a very happy week!  The lambing's all finished and on Monday, we took the last 3 ewes and lambs down to the bank to join the rest of the flock.  There is loads of grass down there, so we are going to fence off half of it to hopefully get a cut of hay later on in the summer. Total lambs 23, so a good crowd down there!

The two weaners went off before Easter, and we still have some chops, joints and a few packs of sausages left in the freezer.  The other gilt is off abroad next week!  She is going to the Netherlands to breed!
Kate with the gilt who's off abroad
next week!
Sandy is due to farrow within the next couple of weeks and really looks fantastic.  We are going to move her back to the nursery on monday in readiness!

Kate has been frantically planting seeds with the students - we will need lots of volunteer pickers later on in the summer ....will be nearly a full time job!  Potatoes have been planted out, broad beans are up, and carrot seeds went in today.  We have some lovely salad coming up in the poly tunnel (as long as those naughty bantams keep out!)

We bought another 3 laying ducks - Buff Orpingtons - and they have settled straight in, and are laying brilliantly.  We are supplying JOLLY NICE with ducks eggs each week, along with our lovely Bantam eggs too.  If you haven't been there  do call in as it's the most amazing place off the road to Stroud at Frampton Mansell.  They do the best burgers too!

Bantams are going broody everywhere, and we managed to put two into little arks and they should be hatching next week.  We have also put some duck eggs in the incubator....just to see if we can hatch some ducklings (our track record is not good with the incubator..... but!)

Little and large.....a bantam egg with an enormous hen egg!!

Saturday, 1 April 2017

lambing is in full swing!

We have had 9 ewes lamb so far....2 lots of singles and 9 lots of twins...more ram lambs than anything else, and some of them are very large!
The weather has just about started to improve....thank goodness - the sun should really help.

Our hens are all back in their run, having weeded our fruit cage beautifully, and the nets are off the ducks too.

We are just about to finish term for a short Easter Break, when we will be doing one day of EASTER ACTIVITIES FOR SCHOOL CHILDREN on THURSDAY 20 APRIL. It's almost fully booked already!

we have started selling duck and bantam eggs to Jolly Nice - their shop is at Frampton Mansell (off the Stroud road) and incredibly busy...we may have to buy a few more ducks to keep up with demand!

The students have been busy with Kate, planting lots of seeds out in the poly tunnel, and some straight out into the raised beds