We are located 4 miles north of Cirencester, between the villages of North Cerney, and Woodmancote. From A435 you take the turning towards Bagendon, go up past the Church to the T junction. Turn right towards Woodmancote and Scrubditch Farm is approximately 100 yards on the right. The Care Farm is situated down the drive, up the track on the left.
From A417, turn off at Perrotts Brook/Daglingworth, and proceed towards Perrotts Brook. Just before the A435, turn left towards Woodmancote. Go for approximately 1 1/2 miles and Scrubditch Farm is on the right, just past the Bagendon/North Cerney Cross Roads.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016


Oh dear - not a good start...we are already nearly three weeks into January and i haven't done any blogging!
Lots has been happening - and thankfully we now have some beautiful cold weather.   Several of us have been suffering with the awful cough and cold virus...let's hope the frosts will kill off all the bugs!

The students were really surprised to see two new arrivals up the track when they started back ...we have Perry the boar back, and also Hazel, another breeding sow.   We are upping our pig production this time, and going to have at least two litters this year (if all goes according to plan!)
They are both lovely quiet pigs; the same breed as Sandy, to keep their pedigree status.  We are sending the last weaner off to the butchers this weekend, and hoping to sell Millie as a breeding gilt.
We can't keep her, as she is related to Perry the boar...but she should fetch a good price for breeding.
Charlotte leading Alice!

Gerry leading Alice!
The sheep all look really well - Tonto's done his job, and will hopefully be going back next week; just before we get the ewes scanned.  The lambs are still up next to the care farm, and Gerry and the students have been practicing leading 'Alice' around the car park and field, in preparation for showing her later this year.

We have three new students joining us this term, so are nearly full on the three days.  We also have two new volunteers doing a half day per week.

Finally, the hens and ducks are back laying again.....they got thoroughly confused with all that strange mild and really wet weather towards the end of last year!  We are hoping to incubate some eggs next month, and increase our poultry - let's hope its more successful than last year's attempts...a measly two eggs hatched out of 21!

Ducks skating on the pond!